Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Is Falling

Micah:  This preparing for winter is hard work!  I need a break.

Cyndi:  Why are you complaining?  Jan's doing all the work!

Micah:  Yes, but someone has to snoopervise to make sure she doesn't fall off the stool, or through a window.

Cyndi:  But she's the one moving furniture, stuffing newspapers in window cracks, hanging and rehanging drapes, and whining about aches and pains.

Micah:  You're a female.  You just don't understand how important it is for us males to have a job.  It feeds our eggo.

Cyndi:  It feeds your what?  Oh, you mean it feeds your ego. 

Micah:  Yeah, ego.  So Jan gave me the job of bodyguard until the winterizing is finished.

Cyndi:  Well, if you're her bodyguard, you had better hope her body doesn't fall off the stool and land on you.

Micah:  Don't worry, I'm not supposed to be close enough to take a bullet for her, only close enough to the phone to dial 9-1-1 should anything happen.

Cyndi:  It won't be long before the temperature will start dropping down to freezing at night.  Brrrr.  I hate being cold.

Micah:  If this is fall, why is this tree the only sign of the season the dogs see when they walk Jan?

Cyndi:  I have no idea.  The leaves might not be turning yet but they sure have been falling into the dog pen.  I hope you aren't planning to tell me you were sitting by the back screen door with a phone in paw in case Jan fell into the pile of leaves she raked.

Micah:  Of course not.  I sat by the back screen door with a feather duster in my paw to wave and cheer Jan on so she'd stay awake for the long, boring job. 

Cyndi:  Aren't you glad that's over!

Micah:  It's not.  Jan said leaves will keep falling into the pen until some time in January. How about taking over my cheerleader job for the season?

Cyndi:  Can't.  Energetic activity would invalidate my Medicat insurance.

Did you vote in our poll?  See yesterday's post (I Am Marcus).  The answer will be included in our Friday post.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Am Marcus

Marcus: I thought it would be nice to do something different today, so how about a quiz?   Let's see how attentive you are and how well you know me.

There are three pictures below.  Look at each one very carefully.

Which one is mine?

Picture #1:  I am Marcus.

Picture #2:  I am Marcus.

Picture #3:  I am Marcus.

Did you find me?

Are you absolutely certain?

How did you recognize me?

Since everyone doesn't have an account that enables them to leave a comment, I'm adding a poll at the top of the right sidebar so anyone who wants to can vote.

The results will be posted Friday.  If Jan reminds me.  You know how it is, when you live with someone long enough you pick up their bad traits. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Zuke's Mobility

Marcus:  Hello, this is Marcus the Younger here to tell you about today's dog product review.  As you know, I'm healthy and spry but I live with two older dogs that complain of aches and pains and creaky bones.

What's that, Buddy?  Oh, I'm sorry.  Their bones don't creak; their joints do.

Fall weather has arrived and that means cooler temperatures at night, so this is a good time to review a creaky product.  I mean a product for creaky dogs.

Jan said they're not meant for me, but they're intended for mature or senior dogs.  What's she talking about?  I'm mature.  I am too mature, Merci!  I am not almost three going on six months!

Zuke's Mobility are grain-free chews that offer daily support for healthy hips and joints.  We have the peanut butter formula, which is great because we all love peanut butter.  There is also a chicken formula.  We would probably like that one too.  Which formula do you think you would prefer? 

According to Chewy, the key benefits are:

   * Grain-free, functional treats that are designed to support hip and joint health and are perfect for senior dogs and large breed dogs that may have trouble with stairs, getting up, sore after exercise, or just simply slowing down with age.

    *Loaded with natural, healthy ingredients such as calcium lactate, glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, MSM, EPA, and DHA.
* Formulated for bone strength, to help rebuild and repair tissue and cartilage, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation.

    *Tasty treat makes providing your pup with hip and joint support easy and enjoyable.

    *High-quality, fresh, healthy chew that's made in small batches here in the USA.

I thought you said these aren't intended for me, Jan.  Are you teasing me?   I can have one and only one?  Thank you.  I'll just take that before you change your mind.

Buddy:  I was napping in Marcus's crate and you woke me up to give me a treat, Jan.  Now you're complaining I ate it before you had a chance to take a picture?  Would you like me to open my mouth so you can get a picture of where the treat went?

 Merci:  Oh, thank you, Jan.  For once I don't have to get up to get a treat.  Could you pick it up and put it in my mouth so I don't have to move?  No, no, just kidding.  I have it.

Marcus:  I think those two are trying to take over as house clown.  We all tried the Zuke's Mobility treats and really liked them.

Be sure to follow the cautions on the package.  These are not intended for pregnant or breeding dogs. Give to a dog according to the dog's weight with or after a meal.

We received the bag of dog treats from Chewy for this review.  We received no other compensation.  Any ideas expressed are our own.

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Trash Mover

 Marcus:  (sung to the tune of ... I have no idea!)

Here I come walking down the street.
Leading Jan by the hand with two mismatched leash.
Throw it down, plastic bottle or can.
Take it back, I'll bite your hand.

I'm a trash mover, yes, a trash mover.
Whoo hoo, I'm a trash mover!

I can't believe how many people throw their trash down and keep going.  Our walks are a gold mine of trash - and broken glass - but Jan will only allow me to move a plastic bottle from Point A to Point B.  She said it keeps me out of other trouble.  I have no idea what she's talking about.