Saturday, January 21, 2017

December Furry Friends

Sam:  Yes, it's me, Angel Sam.  I just dropped by to remind everyone to visit Our Rainbow Friends.  And while you're there, if you can, please leave comments; they mean a lot to the families. 

Tributes to the December 2016 furry angels - Treasure, Fiona, Sammy, Bhu, Bogart, Hunter and Emma - were recently posted.  Ann of Zoolatry always sends out the announcement on the 15th but she's enjoying a much-deserved vacation in Florida with family and friends.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Polite Pee Mail

Cyndi:  Psst, I'm up here.  You should have known I would be up high.  I'm pretty feisty for an old lady cat.

Marcus:  Is feisty a word?

Cyndi:  Of course it is.  It means spunky.

Marcus:  Why didn't you just say that?

Cyndi:  Because it's good for you to learn new words so you don't make stupid mistakes like you did the other day when you told Jan to drop "a bomb" instead of a balloon.

Marcus:  I guess it was a good thing she didn't listen to me. 

Cyndi:  We want to share some photos Jan took on the 16th, just a few days ago.  We weren't expecting any rain and we didn't get anything but an almost perceptible mist in the area of the clouds, but look at those clouds.

Marcus:  There hasn't been any demolition or cleanup work done at the mill in almost a year.  The mess makes a great backup for the threatening clouds.

Cyndi:  And just barely to the right, here is more of the same.

Marcus:  And just barely to the right of that photo, the sky was clear and beautiful.  Jan loves to watch the clouds on our walks.  We dogs prefer to read pee mail.

Cyndi:  And from what I understand, you love to leave your own for other dogs to read.

Marcus:  That's only polite, but if the last dog left a political statement, the proper thing to do is to kick dirt over it.

Cyndi:  There's a lot of thunder booming and rain expected, especially this weekend.  We're sure thankful we have a home where we can stay dry when the weather is bad.  And our internet has stayed on for a whole week now.

Marcus:  It blinked yesterday and Jan said it nearly gave her a heart attack.  That was so nice of our ISP to give Jan a free health checkup.

Cyndi:  A heart attack is not a free health checkup.  If she'd had one, it might have been a checkout.

Marcus:  Well, if she checked out, I hope she kept her receipt.

Cyndi:  I think I need a nap.

Marcus:  You're going to need a double nap when you realize we just finished our Thankful Thursday post for today.  Thursday was yesterday.  Today is Friday!  

We are joining the Pet Parade hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou and Owned by a husky.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buddy and Merci Trees

Percy: Did you know you're like a tree, Merci?

Merci:  I'm like a what?

Percy:  A tree.  In particular, the tree in the distance on the right.  That's one of Jan's favorite trees.

Merci:  I'm not anything like a tree.

Percy:  Of course you are.  We don't know what kind of abuse you survived before you were picked up as a stray and landed at the county shelter back in 2003.  Or what abuse you might have suffered at the shelter.  To this day, you are afraid of your shadow and terrified of moving feet.  And over the years since Jan adopted you, you heard the (now ex) shelter manager's voice twice and both times you did some serious growling and shaking.

Merci:  That doesn't make me a tree.

Percy:  Ah, but this is what the tree looks like in the summer. Notice the lush green leaves with dead and broken branches sprouting here and there.  It's seen a lot of heat, cold, wind and rain over its lifetime but it still stands strong and beautiful.

Percy:  And this is Buddy.  Tufts of green leaves in the middle of winter amid the many broken branches.  He was dumped when he was three or four weeks old and he's faced a lot of adversity in his own life - seizures, allergies, skin problems - but even in the worst of times, he still shows signs of life.  No big holes in his trunk, but lots of grit.  He still loves his walks and he still voices his opinion on everything, whether or not we want to hear it.  In other words, he's a survivor too.

Buddy:  Did I just hear you call me an opinionated tree?

Percy:  Uh, not quite.

Buddy:  Then what did you say about me?

Percy:  I was just saying Jan loves these trees.  They aren't perfect but when she looks at them she sees beauty.

Buddy:  So I have holes in my trunk and naked branches but I'm beautiful?  Have you been hitting the nip again?

Percy:  No!  It's just an analogy.  You don't actually look like a tree.

Buddy:  I notice you didn't include a picture of what I .. of what that tree looks like in summer.  Are you insinuating I run around naked all year long?

Percy:  Yes ... I mean, no!  I mean ...  I need to think ... I mean I think I need to find a litter pan right away.

Merci:  It wasn't nice to pick on him like that.  He was just trying to be kind.

Buddy:  I know, but it was such fun. I was just voicing my opinion whether or not he wanted to hear it.

We are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Blue Southwest Skillet

Marcus:  Oh, boy, it's that time again.  I get to try something new. 

Merci:  This is what Blue Healthy Starts Southwest Skillet with Beef & Egg looks like in the cup.  Kind of blah. 

Buddy:  It's pate.  Pate always looks blah.  It's how it tastes that matters.  At least to us.  Jan seems to think nutrition is important too, but she doesn't eat it, so what does she know!

Merci:  It's grain free and it's supposed to be packed with beef, eggs and nutrition.  Jan said it's packed in rubber.

Buddy:  She did not.  She said it is a bit too rubbery for her taste.

Marcus:  But Buddy already said Jan doesn't eat it, so who cares?  And speaking of eating, hellllooooo, I'm sitting in my Private Dining Car waiting.  Can you drop the bomb now, Jan?

Buddy:  Balloon, Marcus, I believe you mean balloon.  And we don't have a balloon around the house.

Marcus:  That's okay.  She said "okay", so I can eat now.

Merci:  She did?  I didn't hear it.

Buddy:  Of course you didn't.  You don't hear very well any more, remember?

Merci:  My taste buds still work.

Buddy:  Guess they just work a bit slower since it takes you longer to finish a meal.

Marcus:  Helllloooo, warden, you can let me out now. They're done enjoying their Blue Healthy Starts Southwest Skillet in kibble.

Chewy provided the dog food for this review.  We were not paid and we are solely responsible for the content.