Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Imitating a Goofball

Marcus:  What a handsome dog that is.  He looks like he just won the Dog Treat Lottery.

Taylor:  Marcus, you aren't supposed to flatter yourself.  You're supposed to compliment others.

Marcus:  I am.  Oh, wait - you mean that's me?

Taylor:  Of course it is, you goofball.  Who else would it be?

Marcus:  I don't know, but I think I resemble Dr. Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy more than a goofball.

Taylor:  You wish.  Besides, he was killed off a while back.  You don't really want to imitate a corpse, do you?

Marcus:  No. I guess I'd rather imitate a goofball. 

Taylor:  Then you should be very proud of yourself.  You appear successful at it.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Merci Was Sleeping


Percy: Shhhhh!  Merci is sleeping.  You'll wake her up.

Marcus:  She should get up and come outside to play a rousing game of fetch with me. 

Percy:  She's old.  She needs her rest, not a rousing game of fetch.  One day you'll be old and want to sleep all the time too.

Marcus:  No, I'm never going to get old and sleepy.  If I do, who will keep Jan awake when she starts nodding off at 1 a.m.?

Percy:  I think the question would be more like, when you are old, who will awaken you at 1 a.m. so you can annoy the daylights out of Jan?

Marcus:  Don't worry.  I'll read the directions to learn how to reset Jan's alarm clock.

Percy:  And I suppose you'll borrow her glasses to read them?

Marcus:  But I have perfect vision.  Oh ... you mean when I supposedly get older.

Percy:  Yes, when you grow old, you will have to borrow Jan's reading glasses to see the dial and wear a hearing aid to hear the alarm.

Marcus:  Then I definitely don't want to grow old.

Percy:  You don't have a choice.  If you live long enough,  you will grow old.  By then you won't mind.  You'll have accepted it.   Merci did.  Where are you going?

Marcus:  To apologize to Merci for yelling when I entered the room.

Percy: But she's sleeping.  You'll wake her up!

Cyndi:  Spyder and Gracie are our interview subjects this week.  They don't have a blog yet but plan to.  You can read Presenting Spider and Gracie at Mousebreath.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Our Printer Finally Burped

Merci:  You should be napping.  Why are you still awake?


Cyndi:  I'm too excited about having a printer again. We've been without one since March 18 of last year when Win 10 did another upgrade and disconnected it. 

Merci:  Just as a short and hopefully comic version of why we furries have had a collective headache for the past 11 months...  Jan claims she has practically gone blind reading all the info for that printer, as well as all the MC how-to data on it.  Nothing worked!  It was there but it wasn't and it didn't do anything.

Cyndi:  That's when she found out she was not supposed to have a parallel cable plugged into a hub into a usb port on the computer.  But this computer has no parallel and only had two usb ports (until Doug recently added four more), hence the hub. The no-no setup worked just fine for about 3 years.

Merci: Must be the luck of the ignorant.  She didn't know better, so it worked for her.  She did say - repeatedly! - she didn't think the printer's usb port works.  Guess what?  It doesn't! 

Cyndi:  The printer company has been wanting her to call to resolve the problem, but she often has trouble remembering simple everyday words (and names of people she's known for 30 or 40 decades) and didn't want to go through that confusion on the phone with strangers.  (They can't see her waving her arms and turning red .)  To get a response to her emails, she had to sign up for an account and it was in that account she started finding some helpful postings.

Merci: It was not a problem with corrupted drivers, but multiple installs of them on different ports.  Also, there might be something left in the queue that didn't delete and wasn't showing.  She emailed the info to Mr. Doug Thursday night, ran CCleaner, and Mr. Doug showed up the next morning before she could install the printer for the gazillionth time to look for those problems.

Cyndi:  He brought the whole electronic pharmacy - laptop, new cable, etc.- and installed the printer on the laptop.  That's when we learned for sure that the printer usb doesn't work.  A test page was printed a few months ago, but when connected to a computer, the printer wouldn't even burp!


Merci:  So why is Cyndi excited about having a printer again?  Because it did print with the parallel cable plugged into a usb cable plugged into  a usb port.  Yep, the no-no set-up is the only one that works.

Cyndi:  Mr. Doug found two test files on here that had not deleted, the printer burped, and now we have a laser printer again.  Eleven months of perseverance, investigation, in/un-installations, confusion and discouragement shortened into one blog post.

Merci:  And Wednesday, two days prior, a very sweet lady gave Jan a brand new ink jet printer.  We haven't had a scanner since the old all-in-one died a few years ago.

Cyndi:  Jan was busy over the weekend printing some files before Win 10 decides to uninstall it again. 

Merci:  Of course, she might spend another 11 months trying to set up the all-in-one.

Cyndi:  Oh, dear, what if that's true? 

Merci:  Relax.  Marcus read all the instructions Jan used and he said if Jan has a problem with the new one, he'll install it himself.

Cyndi:  Marcus install our new printer?  Now I'll never be able to nap!

Merci:  Thank you for your help, Mr. Doug!  Jan said the next time you have a computer problem, it's her turn to come help you.

Cyndi:  You don't really think he'd take her up on that, do you?

Merci:  Not if he has any sense!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Photogenic Trio

Percy: Hey, I protest! You two keep hogging the posts with your photos. It's either you guys or Marcus.  The rest of us want equal time.

Micah:  It's not our fault Rusty and I are so photogenic and pose so nicely together.

Percy:  Well, I'm photogenic and I pose nicely.

Rusty:  Ah, but not "together" as we do.

Percy:  Micah and I don't like each other so I don't think you're going to get us to pose together.

Micah:  You should try it sometime.  It's really fun to have a friend.

Percy:  Okay, I'll just go sit on the other side of Rusty and Jan can take a picture of the three of us together.  Or sort of together.

Rusty:  Oh, no, you don't!  I'm not sitting between you two.  I don't have any claws to defend myself.

Micah:  I don't blame you.  Percy likes to attack for no reason.

Percy:  Attacking you is not for no reason.  I have to defend myself.

Micah:  Are you claiming I instigate our battles?

Percy:   Well, I certainly don't.  Or rarely do.

Rusty:  I think I hear some kibble calling my name in the kitchen.  Somehow I think I will feel safer in another room.  If you will excuse me, I'll just tiptoe out of range.

Micah:  That sounds like a good idea.  I think I'll have a snack too.  If you'll just move out of the house, Percy, so I can get by you...

Rusty:  Since Percy is otherwise occupied after being pushed off Marcus' crate by an unnamed assailant, I'll go ahead and announce our interview subjects for this week are from Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles.

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