Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Perfect Size

Merci:  You might remember I was recently accused of de-stuffing all our beds.  (Doxies in White Coats and Dust Mites Exonerated)

Buddy:  Accused?  You were guilty!

Cyndi:  Jan felt sorry for you in the cold and bought you a Merci-sized new bed and Buddy a big, soft, puffy bed for Christmas.  You were always in his bed and Buddy had to keep getting Jan to chase you out so Buddy could sleep in his own bed.  (Musical Beds)

Merci:  Well, Buddy's bed was nicer than my bed.  Soft, warm. roomy, and higher off the cold floor.

Buddy:  Jan was so upset with you for de-struffing all our beds she said she will not buy you another one if you go de-stuffing again.

Merci:  Jan didn't mean it.  She came home Tuesday with a big, soft, puffy bed for me, one just like Buddy's.

Buddy:  Actually, we all know how forgetful she is, but she says she decided it's Christmas and Merci really, really, really wanted one of those beds.

Merci:   She came home with one Tuesday.  She woke me in my small bed and I thought I was being evicted again and walked away.

Cyndi: And guess who came lumbering and grumbling across the room, complaining that he is the official bed tester?  Yep, Buddy.  Jan chased him off and made sure Merci got to curl up in her new bed.  This is what she saw a few minutes later when she turned back to check on Merci.  Merci is the small red blob on the far side of Buddy.

Buddy:  Well, I have always been the official bed tester until recently when Merci started getting a bit senile and forgot her place in the scheme of this pack.  I did my duty!  I tested the bed and approved it.

Merci:  It's about time Buddy moved to his own bed so I can stretch out and enjoy some space.  Buddy was really thankful for his soft bed and  now I'm really thankful for mine.

Cyndi:  Uh, Merci, are you aware there is also room on that bed for all of us felines and there would still be room left over?

Merci:  You must need glasses.  Anyone can see this bed is just the perfect size for me.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Invisible Post

Marcus:  This post does not exist.  We didn't have time to write it.  But if you think you're reading it, I hope you enjoy it.  Perhaps it will make you laugh ... or cry ... or write a letter to your congressman about furries writing imaginary posts.  We hope tomorrow's post will be visible, so see you then. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Purrz for Pure NZ and Ascent

Marcus:  I've been patiently ... okay, impatiently waiting for this day.  Jan hoped the weather would clear up and we could get some sunlight in the house so we don't look jaundiced in photos, but this is the day she promised Buddy, Merci and I we would all get to talk about food, so let's get to it!

Buddy:  Zuke's asked if we would like to review their new Pure NZ lineup.  We have liked the Zuke's products we've tried to date, so we couldn't wait.  They sent us a bunch of little sample bags of such interesting Pure NZ treat combinations as -

  Grass-fed beef Steak treats.  (Beef, carrots, apples.)
  Meaty jerky Cords.  (Beef, turkey, apples.)
  Meaty jerky Bites.  (Beef, venison, apples, rosemary.)
  Meaty jerky Cuts (Beef, green-lipped mussel, apples, peas.)

Each has three recipes to choose from.  They are made in small batches from real NZ product with limited ingredients, without GMOs, grain and gluten free.  And they are delicious!  We loved them.  Unfortunately, Miss Missing Memory handed them out but forgot to take pictures until they were gone. There are no photos of us salivating over them.

Scroll down on Zuke's treat page for the Pure NZ treats and more information on them.

Merci:  Included in the above photo are some samples of Ascent Natural dog food.  Check out these recipes -

    Duck & Chickpea.
    Trout & Sweet Potato.
    Grain free Chicken & Lentil.
    Grain free Lamb & Pea.

A list of the natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals can be found with each recipe on Zuke's dog food page.

Marcus:  Here we are taste testing a bag of Ascent Adventure Wild Boar & Pea recipe dog food.  Jan split the small bag between the three of us.  I am such a good boy I ran into my Private Dining Car without even being asked to.  I really do love eating in my Private Dining Car when pictures are being taken.

Buddy:  In between showers yesterday, Jan took us for a short walk, but first she stopped to let us taste test some Ascent Grain free Crunch Blend Pollock & Chickpea recipe dog food.  The kibble is very small.  She thought it would be fun to take some along instead of treats.  She dropped a few at a time for us and before she could get a picture, we'd scarfed them up. 

Rusty:  Don't worry, Zuke's didn't forget us kitties.  They sent a couple of sample bags of Natural Purrz - perfectly sublime soft treats for cats.

Micah:  We got the Tender Chicken recipe.  There are also Savory Salmon and Tasty Tuna recipes.

Taylor:  Don't you dare steal my treats, Marcus!  You had your own.

Cyndi:  Jan gave me mine on top of my mountain of storage boxes.  I don't have to worry about Marcus stealing from me.

Percy:  I'd just bop him over the head if he tried to steal mine.

Taylor:  Well, I didn't bop him.  Jan did so I can eat my treats in peace. 

Rusty:  They were a hit with all of us.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

The samples were provided by Zuke's.  We were not paid for this review and Zuke's is not responsible for the content.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Listening to Tendonitis

Percy:  Hey, Merci, what are you staring at?

Merci:  I'm not staring.  I'm listening to my tendonitis.

Percy:  I didn't know tendonitis could talk.  Does it sing too?

Merci:  Not on key.  It's an annoying buzzing and humming and screeching in my ears.

Percy:  Oh, if it's in your ears you mean tinnitus. Wait!  I thought you don't hear very well any more?

Merci:  I don't but I can certainly hear this.  It's giving me a headache.

Percy:  How long have you had this problem?

Merci  I don't know.  Perhaps five minutes or so.  I wish the racket would go away.

Percy:   You've only had this problem for about the last five minutes?

Merci:  Yes.

Percy:  You don't have tinnitus. You have janitis.

Merci:  That's not fatal, is it?

Percy:  If it is, we'll all go to the bridge together.  The buzzing, humming and screeching noise you've been hearing is Jan ... um, singing.  Loudly!  I think she's practicing for a caterwauling contest.

Merci:  Well, I wish she would practice somewhere else! 

Percy:   Try to imagine what it's like for those of us who aren't hearing-impaired.

Merci:  Do you know where Jan keeps the earplugs?

Percy:  I don't think she has any.

Merci:  Then let's go find Buddy.  He can reach the bag of cotton balls.